Anonymous asked:

do you have any kinks???;)

overdressed Answer:






Well, shit, how much time do you have? :P

Tom, honey, will you help me demonstrate?
-"Sure thing, darling."

Suits. Well tailored, tight, bulge caressing suits. Bespoke. They make me weak.

Thank you, Tom. I hope that you, sweet anon, can appreciate the fact we can count every long digit of his hands in those pockets.

Rolled up sleeves. Strong arms. Tom, quickly, catch the towel!

Long fingers, slim, elegant. Like in a piano player. (Must have sprung out from when I used to be historically kinky, which is a whole another topic). Tom, baby, please hold your hands up:

Veins. On one’s arms, hands, neck, chest. Stomach… cock.
(We’ll use an older photo of Tom, from a very steamy night, but shh, don’t tell him)

Strong jawlines, gritting teeth. OH God, jaw clenching. Lip licking.

I mean, look at this gif. I don’t know about you, babe, but I’m keeping myself from whimpering like a whore.

Umm… thank you, Tom. Yeah. Let me think. What was the question?? Oh, right. My kinks.

There is what you might call a professor kink. In which you are a student and are very mischievous with your professor (do check out the Fine Print story by lokiwholockfactory), or in which you are a professor and cannot resist that yummy kinky boy which makes your every lecture a wet mess (which I tackled in my own Professor story).

Loki is its own dimension of my kinks, really. Leathered, horned, lean, mean, impudent, walking sex god. Who could fucking say no to him?
Tom, can you please do the Loki again.
-"Again? But I did the Loki last night!"
YES, Tom, AGAIN. Don’t make me get my whips.
- "Okay…

Which brings me to conclude villains are a kink of mi

I can’t really sit still anymore, and am afraid to name the darker kinks of mine, so let’s wrap everything up by the top, number one kink:
Teasing. Orgasm denial. Delayed gratification. Rubbing in the stead of thrusting. Tsk-tsking. Making one beg.

Let’s all carefully observe this teasing gif: It’s cruel. Cookie monster is suffering. She is a bitch.

Now observe our good boy Tom who rewards you for being such a good girl cookie monster:

Yes, Tom, your cock cookie does taste better for waiting…

Umm, I think I wanted to say something else, but for some reason my mind is all hazy right now.
Later…. coy00koi out.

First off, coy00koi I would like to thank you for that special mention of that fic of mine that just pops up everywhere (I never thought it would leave so many people sexually frustrated)…


How dare you woman…

This is my favorite thing right now..

Nicely done, coy00koi. Damn…

I just thought of something, and I can’t believe I haven’t thought of it before. if anybody else has, sorry guys, I must have missed it.:
Cockie monster.

I think I may have just found my nickname for laterovaries :D ^^
(I can’t stop giggling)